Spyder 555 is a synthetic rubber based adhesive used for multipurpose applications. It is formulated for good bond strength. This adhesive used to bond variety of materials like foam, Wood/Plywood, Coir, footwear, leather, rexine, rubber. This adhesive is also suitable for upholstery application in automotive industry.

Spyder Bond Contact Adhesives


Spyder SR 555 Contact Adhesive is specially formulated for multipurpose applications and offers quick bonding and has good resistance to water and aging. Our Spyder SR 555 is a Synthetic Rubber Adhesive grade and gives better coverage and non-hazardous to health.

Contact Adhesives

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Designed for applications Foam, Synthetic fabrics, rubber, Upholstery, Leather, rexine, carpets, mattress and many more.

TDS (Technical Data Sheets) of the product will be available on customer request.

  • Superior Coverage
  • Free from Harmful Benzene
  • Excellent initial bonding
  • Antifungal and Terminate resistance
  • Economical in longer run
  • The container to be closed when not in usage and ensure lids are secured tightly to prevent evaporation and to keep moisture out.
  • Always look closely at the manufacturing and expiry dates before application and do not use expired product.
  • Follow FIFO (First in First Out) to ensure oldest lot is used first before new one.

Adhesives should be stored in cool, dry and well-ventilated place, away from sunlight.

12 Months from the date of manufacturing.

100 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 2.5 ltr, 5 ltr, 30 ltr, 200 ltr



Spyder Bond adhesives are formulated to form a strong bonding for foam to foam, foam to leather, foam to rexine, and foam to fabric applications.


Spyder Bond adhesives are formulated to help footwear manufacturers achieve lighter and robust products which helps to increase life of footwear.


Spyder Bond adhesives are formulated for bonding various leather applications offering very good bond strength and immediate bonding.

Mattress Industry

Spyder bond adhesives are formulated for various mattress applications like pocket spring mattress, innerspring mattress, sandwich mattress.

Automotive Industry

Spyder Bond adhesives are formulated to bond substrates like hardboard, felt, Non-Woven Fabric, plastics, PVC, leather, foam etc.

Furniture Industry

Spyder Bond adhesives are specially formulated for various applications in furniture industry for bonding chairs, sofas, beds, kitchen cabinets, tables, windows etc.

Suitable Materials for Bonding:

Spyder Bond contact adhesives are formulated for bonding various materials such as

Method of Application:

A wide range of instruments are available to help you apply adhesive. The usage of this equipment is typically based on your specific production requirements and type of adhesive being used.

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Spyder SR 555 Synthetic Rubber Adhesive is highly recommended for bonding Wood / PVC / Coir / Plywood / Foam / Rexine / Plywood / Leather / Footwear etc.

Spyder SR 555 Contact Adhesive is free from Benzene thus making it Non-Hazardous / Non- Carcinogenic and has multiple applications.

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